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29th September 2015
New Research Studies Available Online

New Research Studies Available Online


Documentation of Pilot Project Experience on SecureTenure under Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction Project, Bangladesh.

This study documents theevolution for participatory and support based approaches for strengtheningtenure security, housing and community resilience.


Education Grant Impact Study


This outcome study onEducation Grants looks into the relevance and effectiveness of the interventionunder UPPR’s Socio-Economic Fund (SEF)


Project Evaluation of the Savings & Credit GroupInitiative in the Context of UPPR


This study looks into theeffectiveness of the Savings and Credit Groups of UPPR communities. It alsoassesses their performance, process and sustainability.

Early and Forced Marriage in Poor Urban Areas of Bangladesh


This study was commissioned tounpack the unique dynamics and drivers of EFM within urban areas in which UPPRworks


Urban Poverty Reduction and Persons with Disabilities:Lessons learned and recommendations from UPPR Project


This study summarizes the actions taken by UPPRto target and address the needs of persons with disabilities.  Based on the challenges of addressingdisability, this study provides recommendations for future programming ondisability inclusiveness in urban poverty reduction in Bangladesh.