Urban Change Blog
30 March 2015
On Help, Advocacy and Power Imbalances
A reflection on the role of advocacy in poverty reduction by Annemiek Prins
19 March 2015
Targeting and Fine-tuning Change
How do we distil a potent strategy for poverty reduction from the tangle of noble aspirations and distorted power relations that make for contemporary development aid? A strategy that not merely feels good but actually guarantees good quality outcomes? The MDGs instigated a promising move in this direction and now that this ambitious agenda is coming to an end the question arises whether it has given us sufficient reason to set our cynicism aside.
11 March 2015
In a Country Well Governed…
How to strengthen local governments in such a way that they become meaningful actors in the field of poverty reduction? Annemiek Prins helps us reflect on this issue, which lies at the core of UPPR’s advocacy work for more inclusive urban planning in Bangladesh.
23 February 2015
Stuck in Slums: (Im)mobility and Poverty
As UPPR finances the communities to complete the rehabilitation and extension of 999Kms of footpaths, Annemiek Prins reflects on mobility. Being able to move freely can be an important asset when it comes to gaining access to the city's resources. For many slum dwellers, however, the possibility of free movement is hampered by congestion and a lack of (paved) roads. Click and read more.
15 February 2015
Shaping the City: The Role of Urban Policy
As Bangladesh defines its National Urban Policy, Annemiek Prins takes the opportunity to reflect on the role of such for countries and its urban citizens.